For you convenience the contact details of the Provincial Secretary are included at the bottom of each page on the website.
The Secretary, Tony Shaw, can be contacted by either telephone or email:
Tel:    01772 497912
The web-master should be contacted by email:
Items for the website, News items etc., should be emailed to the web-master.
The written content in a word document or in the body of the email as text.
Attach photographs separately to the email. Please do not embed them in the story. I then have to disassemble the document in order to use the content. This process takes a considerable amount of time.
When sending multiple photographs, send several emails with three or four photographs on each. and send at the highest quality available to you, I will resize them for the web.
You don't have to be a budding Wm. Shakespeare or David Bailey to get things on the website but please be mindful of the feelings of others.