Dave Knight celebrates 50 years in the Order
On Thursday 30th November 2017 Dave Knight celebrated 50 years as a member of Warrington Conclave No. 119. Dave was inducted into the Conclave in November 1967 when it met for the last time at the Pelican Hotel, Buttermarket Street, Warrington, before moving to its present home in the Masonic Hall, Warrington. The subscription fee of the Conclave was two guineas!
John Bicknell
Bob Williams
Terry Maybury
Paul Whitelam
David Knight
Jason Brennen
The Celebration was honoured by the presence of the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, R.Wy.Bro. Terry Maybury and a full team of Provincial Officers and friends from other Conclaves in the Province of West Lancashire. Dave had already been presented with his 50-year Jewel at Grand Conclave in London.
Paul Carr - Bow Bearer
Paul Snape - Standard Bearer
Dave Smith - Sword Bearer
Prov.S.R. - Terry Maybury
S.R. - Bob Williams
D.Prov.S.R. - John Bicknell
The evening was made even more memorable by the Induction into the Conclave of Bro. Paul Whitelam by his proposer, the Supreme Ruler of Warrington Conclave Bob Williams.
Photos and article courtesy of Wy. Bro. Brian Potter P.,G.Std.B