Fylde Conclave No.125
Saturday 10th March 2018 dawned bleakly in West Lancashire. The sky was a slate grey over the historic town of Poulton le Fylde and the rain that fell was the type that chilled and seemed to soak through all items of supposed waterproof garments. However, stepping over the threshold of the Masonic Hall in the market square, all such gloom and misery evaporated as the warmth of the fellowship therein became apparent. A gathering of  nearly 40 members of the Order had come to support and play their part in the Installation ceremony for Fylde Conclave number 125's newest Supreme Ruler. The event was a particularly rare one to witness as the Supreme Ruler-elect had never been in the Chair of King Solomon in the Craft.  
As the 11th hour sounded,  the cheerful chatter subsided as the outgoing Supreme Ruler, ably assisted by his team  opened the meeting. Shortly after the administrative business was over, the music struck up in jaunty fashion and the Arch of Steel  came to order to admit the Provincial Team headed by the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler (PGSR).

After accepting the chair and introducing his Provincial Team, who each in turn gave welcome greetings to the assembled brethren, the PGSR led the new Supreme Ruler-elect through his commissioning ceremony competently supported  by the appropriate officers, as the obligations and promises were made very seriously and from the heart . None present could fail to be moved by the ceremony which was expertly done by all who participated. The silent willing on of the new Supreme Ruler could palpably be felt in the room and there were nods and smiles and murmurs of encouragement as, he felt his way through the ceremony.

Down at the subsequent festive board, the brethren enjoyed a fine repast where the raffle raised just over £200.00 for local charities. An excellent start to the new Supreme Ruler's year and one on which he reflected in his speech of thanks in which he thanked all who had come from near and far and who made the day such a special and unique occasion . He alluded to a text message received from comrades in Zambia that morning which spoke of having faith and trust in those who gave support through the day. A worthy echo of the values shared by Secret Monitors. Faith in each other to do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons, to the right people.
Information courtesy of Tony Shaw