The Installation of the new Supreme Ruler of Warrington Conclave 119; Wy Bro Christopher Alwyn Sowler Todd Provincial Grand Guide took place at Warrington Masonic Hall on Tuesday 2nd October 2018
After opening the conclave the Supreme Ruler Wy Bro R L Williams thanked the brethren for their support during his two years in office and outlined how he had been honoured to have had the privilege of leading the conclave during his tenure; noting  a number of special moments; from having inducted three candidates and a joining member from his own craft lodge and having been in the chair for a very memorable 50th Celebration for Wy Bro David Knight when the full Provincial Team were in attendance.
Honoured by the presence of the Wy Bro John Bicknell P.A.G.D.C Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler and numerous members of both Grand & Provincial Grand Conclave the brethren enjoyed a splendid ceremony of Installation as the new Supreme Ruler was installed into the chair of the conclave by his predecessor Wy Bro R L Williams Provincial Visitor in a very dignified and sincere ceremony.
Following his installation; the newly installed Supreme Ruler had a very pleasant task to complete as he outlined that he would be presenting cheques on the Conclaves behalf to the following charities:
  • St Rocco’s Hospice - £100
  • Warrington Masonic Hall - £100
  • Warrington Hospital League of Friends - £100
  • North-West Air Ambulance - £100
  • Loch Harbour Mountain Rescue - £100
The brethren then retired to a festive board to enjoy a superb meal of:
1st Course - Prawn Cocktail;
2nd Course - Sticky Thyme & Mustard Bacon Chop with seasonal vegetables
3rd Course - Crème Brule - Tea & Coffee
During the festive board; a raffle raised another £60 for future distribution towards worthy charities whilst the Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler capped off a splendid evening as he walked away with a very nice bottle of red wine as one of the raffle winners .
Report and Photograph by Bob Williams