Pounds for £’s Charity
When R. Wy. Bro. Trevor Cavill P.G.S.R. for Warwickshire appointed his new Deputy P.G.S.R.
Wy. Bro. Neil Watkin earlier this year. They both agreed that they were overweight. So, they decided.
To do a sponsored sliming campaign. All then proceeds to go to the O.S.M. Charity Fund.
AS those who attended our Provincial Meeting will know. We had a collection for that fund which amounted to £120.00

The photograph is of our R. Wy. Bro. Terry Maybury handing the cheque to Ry. Wy. Bro. Trevor Cavill at the Provincial Meeting of East Lancashire.

So far Trevor and Neil between them have shed over 5½ stones. An excellent result with money going to good causes.
Our donation of £120. Will be accredited to West Lancashire Province
Information and Photograph Courtesy of Tony Shaw