It's been all go at Chorley during lock-down
One Friday morning in late July, I had a reason to visit Chorley Masonic Hall to meet with a colleague from one of my Masonic Units.
The Ballroom
Whilst I was there, I was treated to a tour around the building by Malcolm Schofield the Hall Chairman, an old work colleague of mine, who was keen to show me the work that the maintenance team had been engaged in during the long-enforced shutdown due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.
To say that I was impressed is most definitely an understatement!
Ballroom Bar
Upstairs Bar
The work which, at this stage, is still ongoing, as the team strive towards a partial competition in-time for the resumption of meetings in September.

The work, that these volunteers, have carried out is extensive to say the least with many new ceilings fitted, along with updated low energy lighting where possible.
The Temples have been stripped down and redecorated, wall and ceilings painted in colour schemes more suited to there main uses.
Upstairs Lodge Room
Where floors were in need of repair they have been lifted and replaced as necessary. There is an abundance of new carpeting which has been laid. Other carpets are to be cleaned, and curtains have been given a good old washing.
The Main Function room has received extensive work with the stage and sound systems being replaced. Lighting systems have been modernised to make them fit for today’s standards and customer expectations.
The upstairs bar and function room has also been fully decorated with new lighting and window blinds.
Downstairs Lodge Room
The maintenance team don’t stop when the going gets tough! Far from it, windows have been replaced, walls have been dismantled and rebuilt, gutters and fascias repaired or replaced, ivy stripped from outside walls, chimney stacks either removed or repaired, roofs repaired, radiators replaced, bars stripped down, and modernised and new beer pumps fitted, (now you’re talking my language)! 
It is easy to think that the job must now be done, but no, the team are so well organised that whilst the vast majority of the ‘customer facing’ work has been, or will be completed, in time for the reopening of the hall in September, works judged deferrable for now, will be completed in the fullness of time.
All the Masons, from whatever order they are in, that meet at Chorley really do owe a great deal to the small but very productive maintenance team and the hall executive for ensuring that the hall is fit for purpose.
Changing Areas
Board Room
Smaller Meeting Room
‘Cunliffe Hall’, as it is known as to the outside world, doesn’t just cater for the needs of the Masonic family, but is available for private functions held by other organisations and members of the public. If you have a function coming up, give them a call, you won’t be sorry if you choose to hold it at the hall.
The Team:-
Denis Martindale (main man) - Joiner, Bob Smith – (plumbing), Malcolm Schofield – (chief worrier), John Bicknell -  (treasurer and ladder cleaner), because we can’t get to the top! And Bryan ‘Magnolia’ Hoarty, as everything must be painted in that colour – (painter). Are the executive committee.
The Volunteers:-
Ian Simm and John Anderson – (electricians), Paul Snape and Brian Flynn, team picasso - (painters), Richard Higson, (who has been sanding down tables and doors). AKA - ‘Dusty’, Ray Thain and his crew the lifters and shifters of furniture, there are also many more helpers, but the chairman’s track and trace system has have gone AWOL! (He’ll be worrying about that)!
The O.S.M. Conclave currently meeting at Chorley:-
Friendship Conclave No. 332 meeting 3rd Wednesday in Oct, Dec, Feb. and April.
Words and Pictures by Mike Beesley, Web-Master