On Saturday the 9th of March 2024 the members of Fylde Conclave, together with a number of visitors, met together at 12.00 p.m. for the Installation of Bro. Ernie Gavan as Supreme ruler at the Blackpool Cricket Club.
The Conclave was opened by the Supreme Ruler, Wy. Bro. Tom Egan and the general business of the Conclave was carried out.
A ballot was also taken for Bro. Stephen Willingham as a Re-joining member of the Conclave which was favourable and Bro. Willingham was welcomed into the Conclave.
Wy. Bro. Andy Bibby was invited to carry out the Installation ceremony of Bro. Ernie Gavan which he did with his usual panache.
The Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, R.Wy. Bro. John Bicknell then delivered the Address to the Princes and Commissioned Wy. Bro. Gavan as a Supreme Ruler with the Order and the brethren shared the Loving Cup with the usual anthem sung several times!
The Warrant, Constitutions and By-Laws were presented. The Address to the Supreme Ruler was given by Wy. Bro. Bibby and the Weapons were presented by Wy. Bro. Andy Stansfield.
R.Wy.Bro. John Bicknell Prov.G.S.R., Wy. Bro. Ernie Gavan S.R.
        Wy.Bro. Andy Bibby Prov.D.G.D.C., Wy.Bro. Tom Egan I.P.S.R.
R.Wy.Bro. John Bicknell Prov.G.S.R.    Wy. Bro. Ernie Gavan S.R.     Wy.Bro. Andy Bibby Prov.D.G.D.C.     Wy.Bro. Tom Egan I.P.S.R.
Fylde Conclave No. 125 - Members and Visitors
Following the meeting an enjoyable luncheon was provided by the caterer at the Cricket Club which was enjoyed by everyone and, mercifully, the responses to the Toasts were kept brief, especially that by the R.Wy. Prov.G.S.R.
Pictures provided by Wy. Bro. Stephen Clark, Provincial Grand Visitor
Words by the Provincial Correspondent